February 14, 2023

SQL queries, new users table and user list import conditions

Create collections from SQL queries

We've just launched a feature in beta to let you create collections from SQL queries for any PostgreSQL or MySQL database you have already connected to Noloco.

This enables you to create custom collections using SQL that can pull in data from multiple different tables in your database. We were super excited to use this internally at Noloco! To get started, you’ll see an option to ‘Add a query’ at the bottom of your PostgreSQL or MySQL collections on the data tab.

Simplified user management with the new Users table

You might have noticed a brand new addition to the Noloco admin bar in your app! We just shipped the User table which allows you to much more easily manage your app users and take actions like: updating a user’s role, adding new users, sending an invitation reminder etc. 

This is the one-stop shop to manage all of your app users and roles.

Set conditions on your User List to determine which users get imported

When setting up a user list you can now choose which records get imported as users based on them matching certain conditions.

This means that going forwards you can dynamically filter out users from being pulled into Noloco however works for you, with full support for AND / OR branching to build rules as complex as necessary.

Other UX Improvements

  • Improved naming validation warnings when creating new fields in Noloco

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