October 18, 2022

SSO, form improvements & a new record section 🙌

SAML / Single sign-on (SSO)

Some exciting news for enterprise use-cases, app security and user management. Noloco can now integrate with your single sign on (SSO) service as a SAML 2.0 service provider. This means that you can lock your internal apps down and manage users completely through an external identity provider. For more information, check out our guide here.

Conditional field visibility on collection views

Now you can add conditional visibility to collection view fields, just like you could on record pages. Just head to collection view editor, edit any field, and enable the ‘Only show when conditions are met’ option.

Default filter values

It is now possible to pre-filter a view by setting a default filter value! You can find this feature under “Filter Fields” in the view editor sidebar. For each filter field, you now have the option to set a default value in that field’s options.

Set form field default values based off other fields

Another highly anticipated forms improvement! Until now you haven't been able to base form field default values off other values in the form - but now you can. For example, the ‘Price now’ field could default to the previously entered ‘Start Price’. This makes it even easier to fill out forms, pre-fill values and work faster with your Noloco app.

New record section: File Galleries

We have added a new record section, the File Gallery! With file galleries, you can add a file preview to the record page for any file field on a record. If your file field contains multiple files, users can click through a gallery view of file previews.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now bulk import records into related record collections via csv upload and new records will automatically be linked
  • Any link starting with “/” will be treated as an internal URL and the user will be navigated in-app without the page reloading
  • We’ve added a ‘quick start’ guide to help new users make the most of their Noloco app - you might see a nice progress circle in your admin navbar
  • You are now able to clone permission rules with a single click

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