April 14, 2022

Stages element, forms & a whole lot of updates 🤯

Stages section

Lots of 🔥 emojis in our community for this one! You can now add a Stages section to your record pages to quickly view and update a single option select field - like a stage or status. If the user has permissions to update that field, clicking on any stage will immediately change the record's stage value. It’s perfect for managing a pipeline!

Arrange your forms into sections

You can now separate your forms into different sections with each section having its own title. You can also set conditional visibility rules for entire sections within the form as well as individual fields.

Help text in forms with markdown support

You can now provide custom help text in forms on both individual fields and on different sections. Better still, it supports multi-line text and will even render markdown if you care about formatting.

Validation rules on form fields

You can now add validation rules to individual text, integer, decimal and date fields in forms. You can even specify multiple validation rules for a given field. Once set, forms won’t be submitted until all fields with validation rules pass their checks.

Add related fields to details and highlights sections

Want to be able to edit related records directly from your record page? For example, show the user’s company details on the user’s profile and edit the company details right from there? Well, now you can by choosing the appropriate related collection on details blocks and highlight sections.

Other UX Improvements

  • Optionally configure new stages section to use previously set colours for each option in your single-option field
  • Improvements around timezone support on date and date time field inputs and displays
  • Improved permissions to add support for reverse related fields

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