August 3, 2023

Supercharge Your Workflow with Slack Integration, Record Commenting, and better Workflow Editing

Connect Slack and Send Messages from Workflows

Direct communication with your team just got easier and faster. You can now dispatch Slack messages directly to a user or channel from within your workflows. This bridges the gap between data management and team communication. For instance, get instant alerts about changes in customer status or task updates sent directly to your Slack!

Add Record Comments from Your Workflows

Communication is key in any successful business operation. With this new feature, you can automate the addition of record comments within your workflows. Imagine a project management scenario where each task update is followed by an automatic comment on the record detailing the changes made.

Add Actions Between Your Existing Workflow Actions:

No more starting from scratch when you need to modify your workflows. You can now insert actions between existing workflow actions, making it simpler than ever to fine-tune your workflows. If you have a complex task sequence that needs a little tweak midway, just add the action where it's needed. Flexibility and adaptability at its finest!

Other UX Improvements

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