March 4, 2022

Tabs on record views, disable collections & correct Google Sheets field types

Add tabs to record views

You can now add different tabs to your record views to better organise your different sections e.g. keep related record details separate on their own tab. You can also easily re-order sections and move them between tabs as well.

Disable syncing of specific tables on Airtable or Google Sheets data sources 🔀

You can now keep your project nice and tidy by disabling unwanted collections from your Airtable and Google Sheets data sources. This is particularly useful if you’ve connected a source with lots of tables and you don’t need all of them.

Change the field type of Google Sheets collections

When you connect your Google Sheet we try our best to figure out the appropriate field type of each column - but sometimes we get it wrong. That's no longer a problem as you can easily switch the field type right from the Data tab. Choose between text, decimals, integers and single option selects to correct the field type.

Other UX Improvements

  • Enable connecting the same Google Account to multiple projects (for connecting Google Sheets & file-sharing)
  • Kanban boards now take up the full width of the screen

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