March 13, 2023

Timelines, version history, charts & progress bars

Timeline views

We’re excited to introduce the Timeline display option for your collection views! This is a flexible way for teams to visualise tasks, projects, events or deadlines over time. 

Our timeline view allows for easy grouping by single-option fields as well as drag and drop functionality to update deadlines. We hope this helps with all your project management use cases!

App Version History

Have you ever wanted to roll back changes you just made to your app? Or to show your users an older version of your app? Well now you can, with app Version History.

Business and Enterprise customers can access version history from the “Publish” menu. You can read more about the feature in our new guide.

New chart types: Gauge & Statistic

When adding a chart you can now use the Gauge type or the Statistic type.

  • Gauge: this shows a progress-bar like gauge where you can clearly present the progress towards a maximum value
  • Statistic: this shows a big number, for summarising your charts (e.g. the average revenue per transaction).

Both of these chart types are now available for use with all your other charts.

Progress bars & rings

Now, you can convert any number field to display as a progress bar or ring. Simply edit the number field and choose progress bar or ring from the ‘Display as’ dropdown menu. Once you set a maximum value for the field, you’ll then be able to see progress towards that goal. And you can choose whether or not to show the number value as well.

Other UX Improvements

  • Google Sheets users can now select their primary field in collections from the data tab
  • Builders will now see a count in the sidebar beside filter fields and action buttons to show how many are enabled

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