October 25, 2022

Undo, drag and drop sections & more visibility rules

Drag & drop to re-order sections

It’s now much easier to re-arrange sections on your record pages with our new drag and drop functionality. Just go into edit mode, select a section and drag it with the grip icon on the top-left.

Better still, we’ve added multiple keyboard shortcuts that you can use to move, clone and delete sections while in the editor mode:

  1. CMD/CTRL + Shift + Arrow Up => Move section up
  2. CMD/CTRL + Shift + Arrow Down => Move section down
  3. CMD/CTRL + D => Clone a section
  4. CMD/CTRL + Backspace => Delete a section

Undo & Re-do for app builders

We all make mistakes! Make a change you weren't happy with? Or delete something you want to recover?

Simply click the back-arrow next to the edit button or the CMD/CTRL + Z shortcut to undo your change.

Have regrets about undoing your mistake? Redo it with the forward-arrow or with the CMD/CTRL + Shift + Z shortcut.

Configure visibility rules for edit buttons

You can now configure visibility rules for edit buttons on record pages. We've heard of some great user stories for this feature, such as making a record uneditable when a single option field reaches a certain state.

Other UX Improvements

  • Your app users can now click on your app logo to be brought back to the home page

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