February 20, 2023

Update records with Workflows, filter tooltips & new button visibility

Create, Update & Delete Workflows

Your Noloco workflows have just become a whole lot more powerful!

Have you ever needed to update another record when one record is created? Or maybe you've wanted to have a workflow that creates a new record for the user who runs it?

With our new Workflow actions, you can now perform the following actions:

  • Create a new Record
  • Update an existing record
  • Delete a record

You can read all about workflows and these new actions in our guides.

Add visibility rules to the “new record” button on collection views

The "new record" button can now be conditionally shown on both your collection views and beside collections on record pages.

Configure the button visibility however suits your use case:

  • Collection views can have custom rules set based on the logged in user
  • Collection sections in record pages can have them set based on both the user and the record page values

Filter field tooltips

Some filter fields on collections are self-explanatory, but some are not. Help your users understand filter fields!

You can now add markdown-enabled help text to filter fields to be displayed in a tooltip. Your users will never be confused about a filter again.

Other UX Improvements

  • Cloned charts now display correct data fields in builder sidebar
  • We now prevent builders from receiving non-admin roles via a user list sync

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