July 13, 2023

Workflow Powered Notifications, Deactivate Users

Workflow-Powered Notifications

We’ve added a brand new action to our automated workflows: the ability to send custom notifications to your app users.

Triggered by a record's creation, update, or deletion, or by on-demand workflow actions, these tailored alerts keep your users informed and engaged in real-time.

With a simple set-up, you can add the new 'Send Push Notification' action to a new or existing workflow. Simply, specify the notification recipients, title, icon, and the call-to-action URL for each notification and start sending your users notifications.

Benefits of Workflow Powered Notifications

  • Real-time Updates:
    These custom notifications ensure all your users receive relevant updates instantly, fostering better communication and collaboration within your team.
  • Brand Alignment:
    The ability to customize your notification icon, title, subtext, and call-to-action URL allows you to maintain brand consistency throughout your app.

User Engagement:By directing users back into your app with every notification, you're actively enhancing user engagement and experience.

Deactivate user accounts

When users leave your organisation you might want to remove their access to your app without losing their comments or information about their user record. This is now possible through the user table where individual users can be safely deactivated. This will prevent them from logging in but their data will be preserved as you no longer need to delete their account.

Reactivate a user: if a user rejoins your organisation simply reactivate their existing account and let them carry on wherever they left off.

Other UX Improvements

  • Test your workflows from the workflow builder (in beta)
  • Add new pages directly from the sidebar, between other pages
  • Customize the text on the login page (Business plan only)
  • Schedule a sync of one table at a time

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