November 18, 2021

Zapier Integration & Single record view

Multiple data sources

You can now add multiple data sources from the data tab. Connect multiple Airtable bases within your one app or add Collections right within Noloco. We’ll be adding more data sources over the coming months as well.

Zapier integration - trigger when a collection item is updated

We’ve updated our Zapier integration so you can now trigger zaps when any of your collection items are updated as well as when records are created. This means you now have a choice If you want to trigger a zap when a record gets updated: you can now either use our new trigger directly in Zapier or continue triggering webhooks from your workflows in Noloco.

Single record view

Just want to show your user their profile or their record without having to click through a list view first? We’ve added the single record view to achieve exactly that. Use permissions or add custom filters to ensure that users only see the right record.

Other UX Improvements

  • Control the order of inline filter options, such as A -Z, Oldest to Newest and more
  • Filter your subscriptions by company in the Billing module

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