Project Management

Project Management

Enables teams to effectively manage internal resources and execute client projects on time

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Our Project Management app template enables teams to effectively manage their internal resources, track billable hours and execute client projects on time. 

A well-coordinated team is an invaluable asset when it comes to project management. This Project resource management template maps out the workload of each of your team members, feeding them into the high-level view you need to keep everyone in step.

Keep track of your employees' hours worked across each of their projects. Track billable hours and employee rates against each work item within the project. Easily update or add information on the go with our mobile app.

By tracking team capacity in real time it enables you to deploy the correct resources for your next upcoming project.

Use the calendar view to plot the projects in progress right through to their completion date. Measure the revenue impact your team is having via Charts. Control visibility into work items between team members using User roles & permissions. 

Adapt the template to suit your needs - all without writing a single line of code!

Template Details

  • Database collections for: Projects, Work Items, Workers, Clients and Client Contacts
  • User roles for Internal Team Admins, Workers, Managers
  • Time tracking, Commenting, Kanban Board view, Workers capacity, Charts & Dashboards
  • Database permission rules to ensure that workers see their own interactions with clients only 
  • Ready-made forms for team members to add new Project & Work item entries 
  • Ready-made automated email workflow to notify the primary client point of contact when the project is marked as completed

Who is this template for?

Any small to medium business that needs an adaptable internal project management tool to monitor employee capacity, track billable hours and deliver client projects consistently on time. This internal tool also gives you the ability to store Client contact information similar to that of a CRM.

Types of Users

  • Project Managers / Coordinators
  • Professional Services businesses
  • Contractors
  • Small Business Owners

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Make data driven decisions when deploying project resources with real-time visibility into your team's capacity
  • Improved project collaboration with our in-built commenting feature
  • Improved forecasting accuracy with time tracking capability
  • Helps users deliver work on time, eliminate client chaos, and understand profitability, in one completely customisable app

This template  is coming soon

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