Build a professional web app on Airtable with Noloco

August 23, 2022
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You have your business data in Airtable and you want to build a no-code web app but don’t know where to start? In this blog post, you will find the complete step-by-step process to create a no-code web app for your business with a complete guide and setup process.

What makes the Noloco Airtable App Builder different?

With Noloco, you don’t have to start from scratch. We do all the heavy-lifting to put your basic app structure in place. Once you connect your Airtable base, we automatically spin up collection views, record views and forms to add new records. From there, it’s super easy to make tweaks to achieve the exact UI you’re looking for.

Build an app in minutes ⏳

Once you connect your Airtable base, Noloco automatically creates your no-code web app around your data in Airtable - including collection views, record views and forms to add new records. From there, it’s super easy to make tweaks to achieve the exact UI you’re looking for.

built customer portal no code

Enable your team or customers to access & edit data ✍️

No need to give direct access to your Airtable base. Create user roles, set visibility rules and define database level permissions to control which types of users have different levels of access to your app. Keep tight control over what data your users can see and edit.

built customer portal no code

Keep your Airtable in sync 🔁

No need for complex automations - we’ve done the heavy-lifting for you.

Any updates made from your Noloco app will be reflected instantly in your Airtable. Updates made directly to your Airtable base should be reflected in Noloco within a minute.

built customer portal no code

Manage users directly from Airtable ⚙️

Maintain your list of app users directly in Airtable. Create a User List in Noloco to automatically sync user data and assign user roles.

The best part? You can define all your data relationships between tables directly in Airtable and leverage these in Noloco's permissions and filters.

built customer portal no code

Easy automations to save you hours 🕰

No need for manually sending emails or painstakingly updating your other software tools.

With Workflows, you can automate the sending of emails whenever data is updated in your app. You can also trigger webhooks or use our integration to keep your other software tools in sync.

built customer portal no code

Choose the layout that works best for your collections

We support all the following collection display options out of the box. You simply have to choose which one works best for your lists.

  • Tables
  • Full-width tables
  • Cards
  • Columns
  • Rows
  • Kanban
  • Board
  • Single-Record view
  • Map view
  • Calendar
built customer portal no code

Format to your heart’s content

You have plenty of choice when it comes to how your data is displayed.
Your app will be fun, friendly & functional in no time!

  • Enable in-line editing to reduce the number of clicks
  • Display text as links, buttons, images or even markdown
  • Control the colour of single-option fields

Your app will be fun, friendly & functional in no time!

built customer portal no code

Start from scratch for additional flexibility

For most users, our default collection views work great - but some of our experts like the flexibility of starting from a blank canvas. The following components or building blocks are ready to go from a blank page:

  • Collections
  • Highlights
  • Quick links
  • Iframes
  • Charts & Stages
built customer portal no code

Real Examples of Apps Our Customers Have Built with Their Airtable Data

Noloco has helped customers across the board — like real estates, accounting firms & startups to create custom apps from their Airtable databases.

The Company- Fergmar Enterprises 🏘

built customer portal no code

Fergmar Enterprises, with 130 employees, is an established real estate firm. They started 15 years ago as a small investment company and now they have grown to one of the largest Real Estate firms in South Texas covering a broad range of activities including investment, development and leasing.

Before Noloco, Fergmar Enterprises greatly struggled with communication across their many teams. One critical area of their business that suffered the most was payment approvals.

Their primary use case for Noloco is to manage payment approvals for the many contractors hired across their portfolio of properties on the market and under construction.

  • The ultimate benefit of adopting Noloco had been a complete transformation of their payment approval process.
  • Now, Fergmar Enterprises uses Noloco to track payment requests by business unit, project and payee.
  • Using the action buttons feature, they have been able to create a five-tier approval system from employees up to managers and executives. They were able to achieve the level of customisation needed to fit their process perfectly.

Check out the Fergmar Enterprices case study here

The Company- FD Works 📑

built customer portal no code

FD Works, based in Bristol in the UK, offers accounting, and business advisory services and are Xero specialists. The company was established in 2012 with the aim of providing ambitious businesses with hands-on finance support and strategic advice.

Before adopting Noloco, they had trouble getting their team to adopt Spreadsheets & Airtable as they found it too complicated.

FD Works primarily uses Noloco as an internal practice management tool to keep track of proposals made to clients and relevant pieces of work. The app enables them to collect all the information they need and organise their schedules.

  • Ultimately FD Works used Noloco to build a professional front end on top of their Airtable base.
  • By using Noloco, they removed all the complexity the team previously struggled with in Airtable and made it a lot easier to update information.
  • By limiting who could see what, they were able to provide each team member with exactly the information they needed to make the best decisions every day.
  • Additionally, they were able to use Noloco’s workflows within these processes, which increased their productivity and helped them save time.

Check out the FD Works case study here

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