Top 11 No-code communities / Slack groups

February 12, 2024
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In today's no-code development landscape, being part of a community is really helpful. It doesn't matter if you're running a business, starting out on a new venture, or creating digital content, connecting with others in the same field can make a big difference. No-code communities and Slack groups are great for this. They're places where you can share your ideas, get help with problems, and find lots of useful information. This article will take you through 10 of the best no-code communities and Slack groups out there, each offering its own unique support for people interested in no-code development.

1. No Code Founders

The world's largest no-code community for founders and businesses, focusing on using no-code tools to build and grow businesses more efficiently.

Who It's For: Founders, business owners, and entrepreneurs.

Official Website:

Activity Level: Very High.

Cost to Join: Various membership options, including free and paid tiers.


 "NCF is one of the best founder communities out there. NCF has brought together high-caliber, collaborative, and engaged founders building great businesses with no-code" Emmanuel Straschnov, CEO - Bubble

2. Zerocoder

Offers a rapid learning environment for no-code development with a large mentor community.

Who It's For:  Beginners in no-code development seeking quick, effective learning.

Official Website:

Activity Level: High.

Cost to Join: Offers both free access and paid courses.


“George and his team of experts effortlessly tackle challenges using a mix of no-code and coding solutions, demonstrating that no obstacle is too great for them to overcome.” 

Maimuna Rashid CEO of “”

3. NoCode MBA

Teaches how to create and launch online businesses without coding skills through courses and tutorials.


Target Audience: Entrepreneurs and individuals interested in starting online businesses without coding knowledge.

Activity Level: Engaging, with a range of courses and a supportive community.

Cost to Join: Offers a 7-day free trial, then $149/Year.

4. No-code Alley

A community focused on solving no-code problems, resembling a Stack Overflow for no-code.

Who It's For: No-code developers seeking solutions and community support.

Activity Level: Moderate.

Cost to Join: Free.

5. WeAreNoCode

 An online institute that empowers non-technical founders to build and launch their startups.

Who It's For: Aspiring entrepreneurs and non-technical founders.

Official Website:

Activity Level: Moderate.

Cost to Join: Paid membership with access to exclusive resources.


"The program is very well structured, and the community, incredibly supportive. It made launching so much easier and I now have paying customers". Gavin St George CEO at Seps

6. Nocoders Academy

A Spanish-speaking community offering tutorials, no-code tools, and growth hacks.

Official Website:

Who It's For: Spanish-speaking no-code enthusiasts.

Activity Level: Moderate.

Cost to Join: Free access to community and newsletter.

7. No Code Makers

Assists no-code builders in creating apps quickly for various use cases.

Who It's For: No-code app builders looking for rapid development.

Activity Level: Active.

Cost to Join: Free.

Testimonial: "Zorp Community helped me build my app in just hours, a process I thought would take weeks." - Anita S., App Developer

8. 100DaysOfNoCode

An engaging online learning platform for creators, career switchers, and professionals starting in no-code.

Who It's For: Individuals seeking structured no-code education.

Activity Level: High.

Cost to Join: Paid program with comprehensive resources.

9. Zeroqode Forum

Discusses no-code templates, plugins, courses, and services, offering a comprehensive platform for all things no-code.

Who It's For: No-code enthusiasts looking for resources and community support.

Activity Level: Medium.

Cost to Join: Free forum access.

10. Makerpad

A leading destination to learn, share, and work together to create software without writing code.

Who It's For: Individuals seeking education and community support in no-code development.

Activity Level: Very High.

Cost to Join: Free basic access, with premium membership options.

Testimonial: "Makerpad is an incredible resource for learning no-code and connecting with like-minded individuals." - Tom L., Digital Creator

11. NoCodeOps

NoCodeOps focuses on highlighting and supporting no-code operators and citizen developers. It aims to provide assistance in growth, not only in company roles but also in critical thinking and making. The community is known for sharing resources, troubleshooting issues, and networking. They host weekly live events like workshops, build-offs, show-and-tell events, and coworking sessions.

Official Website:

Who It's For: Ideal for people working in operations who use no-code tools to build internal 

tools and enhance operational efficiency.

Activity Level: Highly active with a community of over 5000+ no-code operators.

Cost to Join: Free 

Testimonial: “I love this community for how it keeps me up on all the new tools that are becoming available and novel ways they can be joined together to solve real business problems. I keep coming back to have my imagination stretched by the people in this group.” Leslie Burke Head of Product and Operations, LassoBook

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