RE Cost Seg

A custom Client Portal & CRM for managing Real Estate Cost Segregation

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The Company

RE Cost Seg

RE Cost Seg, led by CEO Melanie Baldridge, has revolutionized real estate cost segregation by leveraging innovative NoCode tools like Noloco.

Cost Segregation is a powerful tool for real estate owners to save money on taxes. In short, it increases their cash flow by reducing their taxable income, and RE Cost Seg, has been optimizing and automating this process since 2022.

This new business complements Melanie’s traditional accounting operations at Baldridge Financial, which have been running their operations on Noloco since 2021.

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Built an app powered by data in   
Melanie Baldridge
Chief Executive Officer, RE Cost Seg
Real Estate & Accounting
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Client Portal & CRM
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Our onboarding time is really important. We want to move people very quickly through the engineering cycle.

Phoenix Web Agency - Noloco no code airtable app builder
Melanie Baldridge
Chief Executive Officer, RE Cost Seg
Phoenix Web Agency - Noloco no code airtable app builder

RE Cost seg

The Challenge

The challenge for RE Cost Seg was twofold: managing a large number of engineering reports efficiently and facilitating smooth interactions between clients and the reporting engineers in a rapidly growing business environment.

To top it all off, Melanie was trying to start and scale this new venture, and didn’t have a lot of time. RE Cost Seg needed a simple, customizable and easy to use solution, that integrated with their Airtable base, and that they could get started with ASAP.

We send clients the the onboarding instructions, with a link to access their portal, then they are able to see everything we're doing, and just drop their files in.

Phoenix Web Agency - Noloco no code airtable app builder
Melanie Baldridge
Chief Executive Officer, RE Cost Seg

NOLOCO - RE Cost Seg

The Solution

Melanie integrated their existing Airtable base with Noloco to create a seamless file request system, streamlining RE Cost Seg’s operational processes in a matter of days. Noloco’s easy-to-use interface builder allowed Melanie to build an app that streamlined her sales team's processes, and controlled the full customer journey, while keeping their data in sync with their existing Airtable base. 

As soon as a new client signs a contract, they are sent the onboarding instructions along with a link to access their Noloco portal. The portal allows clients to easily upload all of the documents required by the engineers by dragging and dropping them into their account.The portal also allows clients to track the progress of their reports as they move through different phases of the process

Sales Reps
When a client signs up, the sales team can monitor their progress from the portal. The app uses a combination of Kanban boards to track prospective clients and tables to quickly search the client database. This view gives the Sales team a 360 overview of all prospective clients, and what stage they are at in the signup process.

It also allows the sales reps to quickly mark whether the client has accepted the proposal, scheduled a meeting and whether it’s been sent for eSignature (all of which happen automatically)

We're able to onboard people very quickly and easily. The second they get that link, they're dropping all their documents, and filling in their information.

Now I have everything and it's all tagged, rather than sending me an email with 20 attachments and having to sort through and organize them myself.

Phoenix Web Agency - Noloco no code airtable app builder
Melanie Baldridge
Chief Executive Officer, RE Cost Seg


The Results

For Melanie and her team, the benefits of adopting Noloco in RE Cost Seg from day 1 have been clear. It has allowed them to provide:

Efficient Client Onboarding: Noloco accelerated the client onboarding process, significantly improving client satisfaction, maintaining high NPS of >90

Enhanced Document Management: Noloco simplified the categorization and handling of client documents, saving time and reducing administrative burdens.

Business Growth: Their app supported the evolution of RE Cost Seg from a niche business to a major player in the real estate cost segregation sector.

Client Overview: Noloco gave clients and the sales team a transparent and user-friendly portal for tracking the progress of their reports.

Improved Sales Process: The Sales team can quickly identify, track and manage prospective clients, and progress them to the next stage in the process.

Melanie plans to extend the use of Noloco at RE Cost Seg, considering it for new functionalities like client intake and affiliate management, proving that Noloco not only accelerates your business growth, but also grows with your business. 

Clients can track their reports progress through the cycle. You could, if you really wanted to, watch your report move through all the different phases all the way from invoice to delivery.

Phoenix Web Agency - Noloco no code airtable app builder
Melanie Baldridge
Chief Executive Officer, RE Cost Seg

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