Noloco vs Glide

Which No-Code Platform Is Right for You?

Wednesday, January 3, 2024

At Noloco, our mission is to empower businesses to build custom applications with ease, without needing extensive coding skills. As part of the diverse ecosystem of no-code platforms, we recognize Glide as a notable contender, renowned for its AI-powered app-building capabilities.

This comparison aims to delve into the unique features of Noloco and Glide, helping you determine the best fit for your business needs.

Which Use Cases are best suited to each platform?

Noloco excels in creating sophisticated internal tools, client portals, and comprehensive project management applications. With extensive data integration, Noloco supports a broad spectrum of databases like Airtable, SmartSuite, Google Sheets, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Noloco Tables, facilitating complex field types like formulas, addresses and lookups.

Noloco’s flexible user interface builder can be used to create powerful layouts including Kanban, Gantt charts, and customizable forms, tailored for varied data dashboard and reporting needs. Its robust workflow tool is a powerful workflow builder and it boasts advanced user roles & permissions management, catering to intricate operational workflows.

Glide offers a user-friendly mobile app builder focusing on visually appealing designs. With Glide you can build simple mobile apps for your team or field-workers. Similar to Noloco, Glide offers an integration with sources like Google Sheets, Excel, and Airtable, ensuring instant data updates across your apps.

Advanced dynamic apps
CRMs, Internal Tools
Workflow Builder
Over 50,000 synced rows
Unlimited Updates
Unlimited apps
Simple mobile apps
Field Apps
App Actions
Max 25,000 rows
Max 10,000 updates
Up to 5 apps

The User Experience

Noloco's intuitive point-and-click interface is designed for users who seek a balance between ease of use and the ability to create advanced, functional apps.

Glide offers a no-code, straightforward approach, emphasising simple building blocks for app creation, ideal for those who need user-friendly design and simplicity.

built customer portal no code

Along with the integration possibilities via Zapier and, our platform features built-in collaboration tools like record comments, resulting in a faster app development process. Finally, Noloco offers custom branding, domain management, and robust database management features that include data import/export, data filtering, data relationships, and advanced record and field-level permissions.

built customer portal no codebuilt customer portal no code

Let's talk about Pricing and Limits

Our transparent pricing starts at $49 per month, for 10 active users, across unlimited apps, with as many updates as you need. This offers a scalable solution for businesses of different sizes.Glide's pricing starts at $25 per month for 10 active users, but limits you to 5 apps and 2,500 updates per month.

On the higher plans, Noloco’s Business plan can support 150,000 rows in Noloco tables, or 50,000 synced records, whereas Glide’s business plan is limited to 25,000 rows.


I believe that the world of no-code tools is revolutionising the way people build apps and websites. With so many options available, it can be challenging to select the best one for your needs.

Selecting the right no-code tool hinges on your specific business requirements. If your priority is building applications with advanced functionalities and complex data management, Noloco is your ideal choice.

For those who value design-driven simplicity, and mobile app development, Glide is more suitable.

Both Noloco and Glide offer robust no-code solutions, but it's essential to align your choice with your business's strategic goals and the specific nature of the applications you aim to develop.

Ultimately, selecting the right no-code tool depends on your individual needs and requirements. But we believe that by using Noloco, you can save time, money, and resources while building your app, making it the best choice for most businesses.

Comparison Table

Best For
Advanced custom apps
Simple mobile apps
Advanced Features
Progressive Web App
Coming Soon
Integrations with Zapier & Make
Grouping data in Views
Multiple levels of grouping
Personalisation tokens
Create New Record Forms
Field Validation Rules
Hidden Field Values
Conditional Field Visibility
Public Forms
Display Types
Full-width table
Kanban Board
Single Record
Split View (a.k.a Inbox)
Gantt chart
Row limits
Max number of rows per app
Up to 150,000
Up to 25,000
Unlimited Updates
How many updates per month
Up to 25,000
Data Sources
Google Sheets
Enterprise Plan customers only
Enterprise Plan customers only
User Roles & Permissions
Complex Record Permissions
Custom User Roles
Field Permissions
Native Workflow Builder
AI-Powered Workflows
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