August 2, 2022

Introducing new action type, update to folders and pages & a new team member 💪

Introducing a new action type - iframes 🗂

With the click of any action button, you now have the ability to display an Iframe!

To use this feature, edit your action button and choose Show an Iframe from the What should happen? (dropdown) 

This can be combined with any of the existing action types that we support!

Update to Folders and Pages 📁

Have you ever wanted to organise your pages into folders? 

Well now you can! You can now,

  • Set the parent of a page to a folder. Just like you can with views 🎉
  • Create a new page inside a folder directly from a folder's flyout menu 💪

Add descriptions to workflows 🔤

Having a hard time remembering the functions of all your workflows? 🤔

You can now add descriptions to workflows - just click onto the description placeholder on your workflow editor and type away

  • Your description will be saved onto the workflow when you click outside of the text box or press Enter. 💾
  • Shift + Enter will let you write out multi-line descriptions 📖

Our recent case study 😍

“Noloco is like using a blank whiteboard for whatever purpose you choose.” 

- Andreas Sarker Founder of PHX

We’ve just published our next case study with Phoenix Co. Check out to see how Phoneix Co builds efficiency, generates more leads and wins more business with Noloco ✅

Other UX Improvements

  • Add visibility settings to your sidebar dividers
  • Set the field width on fields in split view
  • Use the search bar in a record view section
  • Column headers are now sticky on kanban boards
  • User's added to user lists now get added to the Noloco User collection faster

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