July 8, 2022

New blank page editor, more control over collections & case study 🚀

Introducing the new blank page editor

The new blank page editor gives you the ability to add multiple different collections to one page to create a dashboard-like experience. With this feature, Noloco's editing experience is now uniform and consistent throughout, and you have full access to the functionality of the sections you're used to.

Specify row link from collection records

We've added a Row link section to your collections 

Now you can specify what happens when you click on a record in the collection 

  • By Default each collection links to the default record view for that collection type 
  • Choose None to disable the link altogether. This is really useful if you just want to present the data, particularly on record views 
  • Choose any other candidate record view for that collection to override the default selection, giving you even more granular control over where the user goes

Filter your data on the data tab

Now, you can create advanced filters exactly like in your applications and share those URLs with your colleagues instead of just navigating between pages of your data in the data table.

Set conditional visibility using logged in user information

Now, you can control the conditional visibility of fields on forms and other sections using information about the currently logged-in user. This is useful if only users with particular user roles should be able to see certain information.

Add a search box to any view collection

Now you can add a search box to any view collection that will search across any of your text/number fields that you have set up on the view. You can turn this on in the ‘Filters fields’ section of any view.

Other UX Improvements

  • You can now specify IP addresses for whitelisting when connecting your Postgres database
  • We improved the experience of updating data from the data tab in Noloco

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