Real Estate Management App

Real Estate Management App

Manage your entire real estate business in one place. All your properties: amenities, pricing, marketing descriptions & photos in one app.

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This template is the perfect management system, whether you’re new to the business and building up your contact list, well-established and need help managing all the deals in your pipeline, or expanding your office and looking for a tool to collaborate with your growing team and your transaction coordinator.

With this real estate transaction management template, you can do it all. Use the Contacts and Interactions collections to manage your relationships with clients, service vendors, attorneys, escrow officers, loan officers and other real estate agents. Use the Properties collection to keep track of all your listings, and all the properties your clients are interested in. And use the Transactions collection to manage your entire deal checklist so nothing falls through the cracks. With the attachment field, you can also use this template as your document storage solution. 

With the different Noloco views available you can display your data to end-users in new and interesting ways. Check out the listings calendar to showcase the different properties on the market. Use the Kanban board to manage your transaction pipeline. Thanks to the robust user roles and permissions setup in this template you can lock down areas of your app to Agents only and/or Clients only - maintaining a seamless UX for each type of User accessing your app. ​

Template Details

  • Database collections for: Properties, Transactions, Contacts, and Interactions.
  • User roles for Internal Team Admins, Agents & Clients
  • Transaction management, Property Directory, Viewings, Kanban Board view, Workflows, Action buttons
  • Database permission rules to ensure that Clients see only their own transaction & interaction details.
  • Ready-made action buttons for clients to request a viewing of a Property on the market
  • Ready-made automated email workflow to notify the primary client when their transaction has been closed

Who is this template for?

Any real estate professionals that need an adaptable management tool to run their real estate business.  

Typical users of this template include;

  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Real Estate Clients
  • External Service vendors you wish to invite to collaborate with in your real estate app (Loan officers, attorneys etc.)

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Improved collaboration between Agents & Clients at your real estate agency with our in-built commenting feature
  • Eliminate time-consuming admin for Agents by creating a central source of truth for Properties & Transactions
  • Enhance the client experience with access to your listing database and the ability to schedule viewings for properties on the market
  • Differentiate from local real estate competition with a professional looking app both clients and agents can use

This template  is coming soon

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