5 Airtable Interface Designer Alternatives

June 27, 2023
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Airtable's Interface Designer is a feature that allows users to create custom interfaces for their Airtable bases, intended to provide a more intuitive way to visualize, share, and take action on data. The tool is designed to be accessible to all skill levels, promoting a no-code, drag-and-drop approach to interface design.

One of Interface Designer's key benefits is the capability to personalize interfaces to match the unique workflow of individual team members or stakeholders, ensuring relevant data is easily accessible. Users can create multiple interfaces from a single base, offering flexibility in data presentation.

On the flip side, there are limitations that some users may find challenging. The pricing structure, especially for more advanced features like custom permissions, may not be affordable for all businesses. The tool lacks robust permission settings, limiting how users can control data access across their teams. Additionally, external stakeholder engagement is not straightforward, as there's no direct option to invite customers or clients to the interface.

In this article, we explore five robust alternatives to Airtable's Interface Designer, including Noloco, Glide, Bubble, WeWeb, and AppSheet. We delve into each platform's unique features, advantages, pricing, and for whom they are best suited. By the end of this post, we aim to equip you with a deep understanding of the various options at your disposal, enabling you to choose the tool that best aligns with your business needs. Let's get started.

The Best Airtable Interface Designer Alternatives


Noloco is designed for businesses looking to create internal tools, client portals, back office tools, and custom CRMs without the need for coding. The platform features a robust workflow builder, complex form validations, database permissions, user filters for personalization, commenting on records, and out-of-the-box layouts. Noloco integrates with a wide range of data sources, including Airtable, Google Sheets, MySQL, Postgres, and REST or GraphQL APIs or you can also start from scratch using the built-in database.

Because Noloco has a native Airtable integration, it proves to be the best alternative to Airtable Interface Designer, as it has advanced permissions powerful action buttons and the ability to invite external users like customers, clients or partners.

By using Noloco to build custom business applications, you can streamline your operations through better organization, collaboration, and automation. Noloco allows you to create tailored solutions for your specific business needs, whether that's managing client relationships, tracking projects, or monitoring inventory. The platform's workflow builder and built-in integrations with popular data sources enable you to automate time-consuming tasks, reduce manual data entry, and minimize human error. As a result, your team can focus on more strategic and high-impact work, leading to greater efficiency and productivity.

With a free trial to help users get started and paid plans starting at $24 per month, Noloco is an accessible and powerful alternative to Airtable Interfaces for businesses of all sizes.


Bubble is a powerful no-code platform enabling users to build fully functional web apps. Bubble offers more complexity and flexibility compared to Airtable Interface Designer, as it is designed for creating standalone applications with custom workflows, not just interfaces. Bubble also supports integration with numerous data sources and APIs, offering greater flexibility for businesses with diverse tech stacks. However, Bubble's advanced capabilities may come with a steeper learning curve for those new to no-code platforms.

Bubble empowers businesses to create highly customizable web applications that can optimize various aspects of their operations. With Bubble's wide range of features and flexibility, you can build solutions for project management, invoicing, customer relationship management, and more. The platform's automation capabilities enable you to set up workflows that eliminate repetitive tasks and streamline processes across your organization. By leveraging Bubble's powerful tools, you can create a more efficient, agile, and responsive business operation.

Bubble offers a free tier with a developer version and 50,000 workload units per month, and paid plans start at $29 per month for 175,000 workload units and a live app.


Glide is another alternative, specializing in mobile app creation from simple spreadsheets, although they recently introduced a native Airtable integration. Like Airtable Interface Designer, Glide offers a user-friendly, no-code platform for app creation. However, Glide's focus is on mobile app development, unlike Airtable's more generic interface designer. Glide also allows public app sharing, expanding the reach to clients and customers.

Glide allows businesses to build mobile and desktop apps quickly and easily, making it an ideal solution to build an interface from your data. With Glide's user-friendly interface and integration with Airtable, you can create custom applications for tasks such as tracking sales, managing appointments, or monitoring inventory. The platform's templates and features allow for rapid app development, reducing the time and effort required to create solutions that address your unique business needs. By using Glide, you can enhance communication, collaboration, and efficiency within your organization.

Glide for Business does not have a free plan, with prices starting at $99 per month for up to 500 users.


WeWeb is a no-code website builder designed to help you create websites and web apps using a simple drag-and-drop interface. It provides more customization options than Airtable Interface Designer, enabling you to design and control every aspect of your website or app. WeWeb also supports a variety of data sources and includes features for SEO and website optimization.

With its visual editor and no-code workflows, WeWeb enables you to create solutions for a variety of business needs, such as project management, customer relationship management, or team collaboration. By connecting your custom front-end to your own back-end, you can leverage your existing data and systems, enhancing your operational efficiency. WeWeb's rapid development capabilities allow you to quickly adapt your applications to changing business requirements, ensuring your operations stay agile and competitive.

WeWeb's pricing starts with a free tier, and the first paid plan costs $39 per month for up to 50,000 monthly app visits.


AppSheet, owned by Google Cloud, is a no-code platform designed to build mobile and web applications. It offers a broader set of features compared to Airtable Interface Designer, with a focus on mobile app development. Like Airtable Interface Designer, AppSheet also allows for data visualization and sharing. However, AppSheet has stronger integration capabilities, while primarily supporting Google Sheets, AppSheet can also support various sources including Airtable, Excel, SQL, and more.

AppSheet helps businesses streamline their operations by offering a powerful platform for building mobile and desktop apps that integrate with Google Sheets. With AppSheet's intuitive features, you can create custom applications for various aspects of your business, such as inventory management, sales tracking, or field service coordination. The platform's built-in user management, role-based security, and workflow automation capabilities allow you to optimize your processes, minimize errors, and improve overall efficiency. By using AppSheet to develop tailored solutions for your business, you can enhance productivity, collaboration, and data-driven decision-making.

Users can access AppSheet for free with up to 10 users, while paid plans start at $5 per user per month.

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