Noloco now integrates with SmartSuite

October 3, 2023
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We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking integration between Noloco and SmartSuite, your trusted collaborative Work Management platform. SmartSuite has been a game-changer for teams around the world, allowing seamless planning, tracking, and management of workflows, projects, and everyday tasks empowering every type of team. 

This integration opens the doors to endless possibilities in optimizing workflows and enhancing business processes by building custom applications on Noloco powered by your SmartSuite solutions.

Unlimited Benefits 

This new partnership between Noloco and SmartSuite unlocks a host of benefits for SmartSuite users. Now, SmartSuite customers can effortlessly build personalized client portals using their existing SmartSuite data. Noloco extends the canvas, enabling businesses of all sizes to design unique apps, that improve communication and collaboration with clients, partners, and customers. 

For the first time, you can selectively share your SmartSuite data with your clients, or extended team, using Noloco’s advanced role-base permissions. Your Noloco app can maintain the highest standards of confidentiality and data protection, allowing users to experience a balanced blend of adaptability, customization, and security.

An app that powers every team

With the SmartSuite connector, you can have a Noloco app that powers every type of team, from small businesses to Enterprises. Let’s look at a few examples:

Creative Agencies

Creative agencies can build custom apps to manage project timelines and deliverables using SmartSuite data, improving communication and ensuring projects remain on track and meet client expectations, bringing clients into the loop earlier.

Human Resources

HR teams can develop employee management apps, optimizing operations like leave applications and employee engagement, all based on the extensive and comprehensive data within SmartSuite and the flexibility of Noloco


Accountancy firms can establish secure client portals to host crucial financial data, enabling transparent and effective communication between clients and allowing clients to self-serve.

Customer Success

Dedicated support portals can be created for immediate and personalized customer support, with FAQs, communication channels, and support ticket systems, ensuring swift resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction.

How to get started with SmartSuite and Noloco

You can try the integration today by syncing your SmartSuite solution and revolutionising the way you manage work, projects, and processes in Noloco! It’s as easy as 3 simple steps:

  • Create a new app
  • Choose SmartSuite and your SmartSuite Solution
  • Customize your app

Follow this tour to see how it works


Where can I learn more about how the integration works?

Our SmartSuite Guide explains in detail how the Noloco <> SmartSuite integration works.

What SmartSuite fields do you support?

Noloco supports almost all of SmartSuite’s impressive number of fields. We build dedicated support for fields like Phone numbers, Addresses, and Full names so that your SmartSuite solution would integrate smoothly with Noloco. To see which fields we do and don’t support, checkout the guide

Does Noloco sync SmartSuite data to Noloco’s database?

Yes, when you connect your SmartSuite solution to Noloco, it will be synced over to your app’s database. This allows Noloco’s filters, permissions and app to function uniformly.
When your data is changed in Noloco, it will be updated in SmartSuite. When you data is changed in SmartSuite, it is instantly updated in Noloco.

Can I connect multiple SmartSuite solutions to my one Noloco app?

Yes, you can connect as many SmartSuite solutions to your Noloco app as you need. You can even mix and match our different data sources.

I have more questions…

If you have any more questions, first read the SmartSuite guide and if that doesn’t answer your question, reach out at or via the in-app chat.

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