Sales CRM

Sales CRM

Create a central source of truth for your sales team to track opportunities, manage multiple accounts & log activities against client contacts.

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Our Sales CRM app template enables sales teams to manage their opportunity pipeline and customer relationships with ease. 

Use this internal tool template to create a central source of truth for your deals, sales interactions and customers. Avoid using inflexible off-the-shelf CRM software and tailor this app template to your needs - all without writing a single line of code.

Increase sales rep productivity by making their lives easy with a straightforward app design. By using this simple Sales CRM template you will give your internal sales teams a mechanism to keep the business up to date with their latest sales activities without increasing their admin overhead. Reps can leverage record comments to interact with sales management in times of need and to ensure minimal disruption to their sales cycle.

With one click of an action button, reps can call and email contacts directly from the app on either desktop or mobile browsers. 

Reduce your time to revenue with faster sales cycles by keeping your teams on track to hit targets each month of the quarter. Sales managers can track performance metrics in-app using Noloco charts, helping businesses to coach & build high performing sales teams.

Lastly, by using this Noloco template you can ensure CRM records don’t get into the hands of the wrong internal user with the use of Noloco’s straightforward user roles & permissions functionality. 

Template Details

  • Database collections for: Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Interactions and Teams
  • User roles for Internal Team Admins, Sales Managers, Sales Reps
  • Database permission rules to ensure that sales reps can only see their own interactions with clients - option to turn off
  • Action buttons to mark a deal as won or lost 
  • Ready-made automated email workflow to notify the appropriate sales manager that a sales rep has marked their deal as closed-won

Who is this template for?

Any small to medium business that needs an adaptable internal sales crm to track deals, manage customers relationships and fuel revenue growth.

Say goodbye to the headaches associated with running your business from a spreadsheet and hello to a scalable and efficient way to collaborate with your sales reps. Keep on top of your sales opportunities with customers, connect with your sales team and management team in one central place to ensure continued sales success.

Typical users of this template include any business that must conduct a considered sales process and requires an internal CRM to manage deal flow and customer relationships.  

  • C-Level that need visibility into sales pipeline
  • Sales Managers that support and manage high performing sales teams
  • Sales Reps that need a simple tool to manage their day-to-day accounts, opportunities and pipeline

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Increased sales rep productivity rates by helping them run more deals, faster.
  • Decrease time to revenue by shortening sales cycle lengths 
  • Give sales leadership real-time visibility into state of their team's pipeline
  • Make data driven decisions based on actionable sales rep performance data
  • Provide a differentiated experience for your sales organisation with a fully white labelled internal tool for your business 

This template  is coming soon

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