Lending Portal

Lending Portal

Streamline the loan data collection and approval process. Enable your team and borrowers to log in and manage loan applications with our lending portal template.

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Our Lending Portal template will enable you to get your lending business online in minutes. Centralise all your borrower data collection and communication in one place. No more lengthy email chains and sharing multiple spreadsheets.

Enable your team to find and manage loan applications with ease. Filter applications and update status in one click. Collaborate on loan applications with our built-in commenting feature to provide updates and get extra information from your borrowers.

Template Details

  • Database collections for: Borrowers, Team Members, Loan Applications, Assets & Liabilities
  • User roles for Team Admins, Underwriters, Advisors & Borrowers 
  • Database permission rules to ensure that those with the Borrower user role only see their own borrower data, applications and assets
  • Ready-made forms for borrowers & team members to submit new loan applications
  • One-click action button for Team Admins & Underwriters to approve applications
  • Ready-made workflow to automatically email borrowers once their loan has been approved

Who is this template for?

If you’re setting up or working in an existing lending business and looking to streamline your data collection and loan approval process, then this template is for you!

Set up a scalable and efficient way of collecting loan applications and handling approvals. Collaborate with your team in one place with all the data you need to make decisions at your fingertips.

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Look professional and give your customers confidence through a fully whitelabelled app for your lending business
  • Save time and remove admin headaches by centralising your data collection - no more juggling email threads and spreadsheets
  • Keep your team on the same page by assigning loan applications and track progress with ready-made pipelines
  • Collaborate in context by commenting on specific loan applications and tag teammates or borrowers when additional information is required
  • Leverage automated emails when loan applications are created or updated to further reduce the time you spend updating your customers

This template  is coming soon

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