Talent Matching

Talent Matching

Identify, source and match the right talent to an open project or position. Enable your team to find talent with the required skill-sets in record time.

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Our Talent Matching template enables businesses to meet their talent sourcing needs in record time. It can be used internally at your own business or as an agency helping external clients with their talent shortages.

Create a directory of talented candidates, internal and/or external projects that require talent and optionally: external clients seeking candidates from your talent directory. Enable talent and clients to collaborate on projects with our built-in commenting feature. Eliminate the need for lengthy email chains and sharing multiple spreadsheets by centralising your information in one place.

Whether you are aiming to staff talent for a single project, a whole region, or across an entire business, this template allows you to identify available resources based on role, skill(s), location, and current availability. It's perfect for project managers who need to run seamless projects and to share visibility to agency leadership / external clients regarding the projects that are being worked on.

Template Details

  • Database collections for: Talent, Projects, Clients.
  • User roles for Internal Team Admins, Talent, Clients (Scouts).
  • Database permission rules to ensure that those with the Talent user role only see their own talent record and the clients they work for only and their own project data. Those with the Client role have privileges to review the entire Talent directory, their own projects and not other Client information. 
  • Visibility permission rules to show relevant areas of the app to the different types of Users. I.e Talent can view Projects and the Clients they work for. Clients can view all Talents and their projects. Internal team admins can access all areas of the app.
  • Ready-made forms for team members to add new Talent entries and for Clients to add new Project entries.
  • One-click action button for team members to assign the right talent to an open project
  • Ready-made workflow to automatically email Clients when their project has been assigned a new Talent

Who is this template for?

Designed with advertising, content creation, digital marketing, social media & public relations companies in mind. However this template could be used by any Company with talent sourcing needs on a permanent, part-time or freelance basis.

  • External Talent seeking work
  • Internal Talent Matching agency team members 
  • Project managers
  • External Client Employers seeking talent (typically found at advertising, content creation, digital marketing, social media & public relations companies)

What are the benefits of using this template?

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Shorten project cycle length
  • Decrease time to revenue 
  • Increased visibility into projects
  • Improved client experience

This template  is coming soon

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