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Alex Vyshnevskiy
Sonorus Consulting Agency
Alex Vyshnevskiy
English, Greek, Russian
United Kingdom, Greece, Cyprus
Not Accepting Clients
I am Alex Vyshnevskiy the Founder & Director of Sonorus Consulting Agency, a boutique consultancy specialising in the integration and automation of business software and database design. We work with clients worldwide, delivering on new projects, supporting existing projects providing consultancy services and reselling saas services.
Areas of expertise
eCommerce, Fintech, CRMs, IoT, Subscription Businesses
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What their clients say

The team is very detailed oriented and easy to communicate with. I love how quickly Alex understood my problem and found the solution.

Andrea M.

I'm so happy with their work. Not only were they able to integrate my exact vision for the project, but the service and support has been outstanding through the entire process. The team answered every question I had (and I ask a lot), completed the project very quickly, and continue to maintain support even after the completion -- there was a small catch in the process at one point and one of the members of the team messaged me saying he's fixing it before I even knew what was happening! I can't recommend this Sonorus Consulting enough!!

Taylor J

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