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Joel Lee
Joel Lee
Atlanta, GA
I am a no-code engineer with a background in Operations and Digital Marketing. I am passionate about leveraging technology to enable teams to thrive, and much of my work has revolved around internal tooling, workflow automation, project management, and client portals. I love taking complex ideas or goals, understanding the big-picture strategy behind them, then implementing the technical solutions that can meet those goals. I work very quickly, but am simultaneously dedicated to excellence and total precision. In Noloco, my experience ranges from a copywriting app that leverages AI, to client portals, to project management solutions, and more. I have worked for companies from marketing agencies in the SaaS space, to marketing agencies in real estate, to law firms. Whether it's a lightweight CRM, campaign manager, workflow process, client portal, database, or something totally different, I can help you ideate and flexibly leverage Noloco to meet a variety of use-cases. If you're looking for a strong conceptual thinker and effective implementer with a quick turnaround time, I'd love to help you out!
Areas of expertise
Internal Tools, Client Portals, Partner Portals, Other, Resource Directory
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