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Michael Unrath
productivity kick
Michael Unrath
United Kingdom
Do you want to work smarter not harder? I am Michael Unrath, the founder and principal consultant at productivity kick. I guide businesses to leaner, smarter work processes using the power of no code/low code tools like Airtable and Noloco. I'm here to support you with your transition to an elegant, easy to use and affordable system allowing you and your team to focus on driving your business forward.
Areas of expertise
Internal Tools, Client Portals, Partner Portals, Resource Directory
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What their clients say

This immediate and very cost-effective win helped us realise many other opportunities that exist and I'm pleased to say there have been at least six other projects undertaken by 'productivity kick' for our very busy operational office that have helped connect departments and other areas of the business efficiently, ensured accuracy, reduced manual processes and have allowed us to streamline our business and maintain one source of truth that can be shared both internally and externally to ensure everyone singing from the same song sheet.

Chris T

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