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Ambroise Dhenain
Ambroise Dhenain
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Lyon, France
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As CTO, I’ve been using Noloco since 2020 and built many apps with this awesome product since then. Noloco and Airtable have been our 2 core products for scaling my own company and we don’t regret investing in them. Today, as a Tech Advisor, I help people build their internal/external apps. I can help on small tasks and also build big projects, it depends what you need. I also help other Noloco Experts on the areas they aren’t fond of (programming, complex automations, 3rd party integrations, etc.) and provide training to help them level up their skills. Having a developer/engineer/CTO background, I can help on a very wide range of topics, such as GDPR, security, advanced 3rd party integrations (analytics, chatbot, etc.), documentation, no-code best practices, scalability, growth, technical debt and many other. I’m also an active member of the No-Code France community, which is an awesome way to keep track on the few dozen of no-code tools I use regularly. [👉 Here are the most popular services requested by my clients]( [👉 Learn more about me](
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