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Scott Rose
Scott Rose
Jacksonville, Florida USA
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Scott Rose is one of the world's leading experts at Airtable, and he excels at creating portals in Noloco for seamless integration with Airtable! Check out Scott Rose as he demonstrates the power of Noloco in this recent podcast episode: [](
Areas of expertise
Internal Tools, Client Portals, Partner Portals
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What their clients say

Our team started working with Scott in 2020. Our Airtable project presented many complex problems to meet many different stakeholder needs, but Scott patiently worked with us to find the most efficient and effective solutions. In the end, we have a system that does the heavy lifting for us, and simplifies our day-to-day work. Having worked with other developers on different projects in the past, one of the things I appreciated the most about Scott’s approach was that he took the time to work through what the potential “ripple effects” of any changes would be, and proactively helped us problem-solve so we weren’t in a constant state of fixing. He was responsive, proactive, and helped us develop tools so we can continue to make our system meet our needs. Scott will continue to have a place on our roster for any upcoming projects!

Brittany Vine, Director of Programming at

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